blumenous poetry i love to write- stories, articles, essays- but i especially like to write poetry. a while ago i started a poetry substack (blog + email newsletter) under my pen name desmond blume.
coding animations what happens when you combine code and animations? you get to have fun and make cool things! sometimes i go down animation rabbit holes using svgs and differrent coding libraries like framer-motion, gsap, or just regular old css keyframes
banjo player although i play guitar, and dabble in the fiddle, for a while i really became obsessed with playing the banjo and even joined a group called the wild goose chase cloggers. we toured all around the great state of minnesota and one year we even got to tour in denmark and then in spain where we appeared on a local television program! here is an article i wrote while in the group: on the embedded racism of some old-time tunes.